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Seismic Attribute Characterization For Shale Resource Plays

Day 1
Overview of shale resource plays
• How are they different?
• What properties are required to evaluate them?
• What makes a shale reservoir productive, leading to the key elements of a successful shale play?
• Identification of shale reservoirs from well-log data
• Different methods for determination of TOC and other parameters
• Jeopardy quiz questions
Day 2
Use of seismic data for characterization of shale formations
• Preconditioning of seismic data for generation of seismic attributes
• Overview of seismic attributes required for the purpose (discontinuity, impedance inversion, azimuthal AVO, etc.)
• Rock physics and modeling of shale reservoirs
• Calibration of seismic data with relevant well-log data
• Jeopardy quiz questions
Day 3
Impedance inversion methods and their applications
• Discussion on post-stack and prestack methods of impedance inversion
• Case studies and examples
• Determination of accurate low-frequency trend for use in impedance inversion
• Different workflows in terms of seismic attributes aimed at characterizing the zones of interest
• Jeopardy quiz questions
Day 4
Picking sweet spots in shale resource intervals
• Incorporating anisotropy in the workflows
• Determination of TOC and calibration with disparate datasets (well-log, core)
• Stress determination from seismic data and implications for shale plays
• Determination of brittleness measures and their limitations
• Talk of fracture toughness and fracability indices
• Case studies and examples
• Jeopardy quiz questions
Day 5
Microseismic monitoring and its role in unconventional shale resource exploitation
• Hydraulic fracturing and its impact in terms of induced seismicity
• Measurement of induced seismicity and prediction of hypocenters
• Case studies and examples
• Challenges in the characterization of shale resource plays
• What could be done to overcome them
• Jeopardy quiz questions
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Instructores Satinder Chopra
Fecha 10/06/2019
Locación Buenos Aires
Duración 5 días
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