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Well Integrity

This three-day training courses is very hands-on and focus on the practical elements and issues during the Operate phase of the well’s life cycle.  Using magnetic white-boards with well elements, 3D models and some well component elements, and working in groups, the class will construct wells and work through case studies of real well problems.
Over the course, attendees will have the opportunity to participate and understand the role they play in the well’s life cycle and how early interaction and collaboration impacts operations, economics, risk, safety, and ultimately abandonment.
Who should attend

This course is targeted at a wide range of oilfield professionals; graduates, completion engineers, petroleum engineers, and production engineers. It is also very relevant to industry executives and managers as it provides an insight to how wells work and what might go wrong. It is also very appealing to disciplines who might work in the industry but whose involvement is indirect, such as accounting and procurement staff.  All of these disciplines play an integral part of the well life cycle but often are not aware of the impact of decisions made in the design and construct phases on later field life and abandonment.
Delegates will leave with a better understanding of the importance of sharing information about a well’s construction and operation, and how critical it is to document how the well operates and particularly any characteristics that are shown when the well is operating out of character.

Three-day course content
  • Introduction to each other, our work back ground, what we do, and the issues we face with well integrity
  • Introduction to well integrity and its history
  • Guidelines and standards, including the latest API recommended practices for gas storage
  • Material selection
  • Well construction, drilling fluid losses, PDC bits, completions and tree
  • Well operating envelope and MAASP, use of online calculator and the impact of results on the well envelope
  • Data collection, tool calibration and management
  • Diagnosis of well problems and case studies
  • Dispensations
  • Rogues gallery
  • Valve lubrication and valve types
  • Case studies
  • Risk assessment
  • Competency
  • Well abandonment and case studies
Inscripción Solicitar in house
Instructores Simon Sparke
Fecha 28/05/2019
Locación Bogotá
Duración 3 días
Área Completación y Workover

Nivel Básico / Intermedio
Precio Curso: USD 2900 + IVA