Chemical EOR

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5 sessions ( approx. 4 hours each) , May 13 to 17, 2024

Duration : 20 hours

The course will provide the student a high-level technical insight in the various EOR methods involved in Chemical Flooding and Gas Injection. Chemical Flooding will consider Low Salinity Flooding, Polymer Flooding and Surfactant Flooding. Gas Injection will discuss immiscible and miscible gasses and pay special attention to the use of CO2. Operational and facility aspects will be touched upon. Field cases will illustrate the various techniques. Using screening conditions, the application in a specific field can be quickly checked.

EOR Methods (5 half days), specifically Chemical Flooding and Gas Injection
Day 1 (4 hrs)
·       Introduction and participant discussion of their current experience and views
·       EOR processes, basis principles and their maturity
·       Timing of EOR as part of the field life cycle
·       Chemical Flooding (Low Salinity Flooding)
o   Basic process and possible explanations
o   Benefits
Day 2 (4 hrs)
·       Chemical Flooding (Polymer Flooding)
o   Type of polymers and basic properties
o   Forecasting using Buckley Leverett analysis
o   Aspects in heterogeneous reservoirs
o   Flood strategy and Monitoring
o   Operational & facility aspects
o   Field cases & Screening
Day 3 (4 hrs)
·       Chemical Flooding (Surfactant Flooding)
o   Type of surfactants
o   Basic principles and desaturation curves
o   Basic properties & optimum salinity
o   Role of mobility control
o   ASP flooding and selection of alkaline
o   Laboratory, field testing & Field cases
o   Facility and operational aspects
o   Screening conditions
Day 4 (4 hrs)
·       Gas Injection
o   Immiscible gas injection
o   Miscible gas flooding and minimum miscibility pressure
o   CO2 flooding, its special aspects and current outlook
o WAG (water-alternating gas) concepts
o  Screening conditions
o  CCS and use in EOR
Day 5 (4 hrs)
·       Thermal elements in Chemical Flooding
·       Comparison on complexity of various EOR methods
·    Decision process
o   Economic comparisons
o   Decision gate process
·       Wrap Up

13 May 2024

Live Streaming

Reservoir Engineering


USD 1950 + IVA

Starts: 13 May 2024

Ends: 17 May 2024

20 Hours

Live Streaming

Reservoir Engineering


USD 1950

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