Reserves and Resources Assessment

Face-to Face Course

April 15 to 19, 2024

Duration : 5 days

Business context

In the E&P business, Reserves and Resources Assessment is  one of the pillars of valuation of projects and companies. It is at the cross roads between exploration, field development planning, production, economics, contracts and government regulations.

In recent years many new developments have taken place in the area of classifying, assessing and reporting reserves and resources. The generally accepted SPE Petroleum Resource Management System is emerging as the most important industry standard. For the Proved reserves position of many companies the SEC regulations still apply.

Who should attend

The course is intended for petroleum and reservoir engineers as well as explorationists and geoscientists who will be involved in the estimation, classification and reporting of oil and gas reserves and resources.

The course is also useful for Petroleum Engineering team leaders, IT staff and support staff who require more than general  knowledge of reserves and resource estimation methods.

Course content

•             The SPE-PRMS system of resource classification

•             Other regulatory systems, including SEC.

•             Reserves definitions

•             Probabilistic and deterministic methods

•             Commercial and technical maturity

•             Volumetric and performance based reserves assessment

•             Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) basics

•             DCA Practical issues and application to reserves assessment

•             Use of reservoir simulation in reserves assessment

•             Reserves under production sharing contracts

Learning, methods and tools

At the end of this Hydrocarbon Reserves training, the participants will have a deeper knowledge of modern reserves and resource assessment requirements and methods.

In the course the principles and practices of reserves and resources estimation, classification and reporting will be addressed. The approach will be based on the SPE-PRMS (Petroleum Resource Management System).  Topics are introduced by lectures and discussion, and learning is re-inforced by practical small classroom exercises. Emphasis will be on practical applications and use will be made of practical and actual cases to illustrate relevant topics. The programme includes an opportunity to discuss participant cases.

The third day provides and in-depth discussion of Decline Curve Analysis and is an optional element of the course

A short test or quiz can be held at the end the course.

Day by day programme

Day 1 – Reserves and Resources Principles and Practices

•             Course Introduction: the SPE PRMS approach to reserves determination

•             Project basis for resource determination

•             Developed vs. undeveloped reserves

•             Other regulatory systems: SEC rules

•             Exercises classification of resources

•             Volumetric  and Performance based methods

•             P/z and material balance methods

•             Decline Curve Analysis general theory

•             Role of Simulation in reserves and resources assessment

•             Resource assessment exercises

Day 2 – Handling uncertainty – special topics

•             Uncertainty in reserves and resources

•             Probabilistics

•             Aggregation

•             Pitfalls and Good practices

•             Special topics (Amortization,  Contractual systems,  Industry practices,  Undeveloped reserves)

•             Discussion of participant cases (Exchange of experience on Reserves and Resources determination)

Day 3 – Decline Curve Analysis Practicalities (optional)

•             Decline models, selection of decline model, DCA limitations

•             Stabilisation time

•             Matching period

•             Starting point

•             Multi well declines and heterogeneity

•             Gas wells

•             impact of well treatment

•             Integrated analysis – Ratio plots, BSW, GOR

•             Uptime, Calendar days vs. Producing days

•             Discussion of participant cases  (Exchange of experience on general DCA cases)

15 April 2024

Abu Dhabi

Reservoir Engineering


USD 4250 + IVA

Starts: 15 April 2024

Ends: 19 April 2024

40 Hours

Abu Dhabi

Reservoir Engineering


USD 4250

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