Structural Interpretation of Seismic Reflection

Face-to Face Course

July 8 to 12, 2024

Duration : 5 days

Level : Basic – Intermediate

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Although the focus of the course is structural geology, the topics covered are essential to understanding the inter-dependency across Geophysics, Geology, Reservoir Engineering and the economics that underlies the decision making process throughout the petroleum exploration lifecycle. The course is therefore required training for anybody working and utilizing subsurface data in these disciplines.

The course is devised to be flexible around the experience of the participants and will be tailored to either entry level and intermediate level. It can also be delivered to include an advanced option


The aim of this course is to consider how the interpretation of seismic reflection data can be used within hydrocarbon exploration of complex sedimentary basins with a focus on the interaction of sedimentary and structural evolution and the impact on hydrocarbon systems. It will provide an overview of the fundamentals of geophysical data interpretation and then consider the application in a suite of sedimentary basin settings. It will consider fault geometry, basin fill and implications for reservoir distribution and deformation. The class is taught through integrating recent advances in understanding of structural geology in the context of Basin Analysis, the integration of sedimentary deposition and structural geology and can be applied to both exploration and production settings.


You will be aware of the importance of structural mapping in frontier exploration, trap identification and reservoir modelling

You will apply fundamental restoration techniques to constrain seismic interpretation

You will be able to define mega-sequences in unconstrained basin settings

You will be to assess the evolution of normal faults and importance of developing a conceptual model for interpretation

You will be to assess the Interaction of normal faults and basin fill

You will be able to constrain reverse fault geometry from fold identification – impact on reservoir distribution

You will be able to understand Salt tectonics – spatial and temporal evolution

You will be able understand Strike slip tectonics in 3D

You will Inversion tectonics – unravelling multi-phase fault evolution

Course content includes:

Seismic interpretation fundamentals – what are you going to use the interpretation for?

Importance of understanding geo-history at basin, prospect and reservoir scale

Extensional systems – normal fault and rift basins

Compressional systems – reverse faults, and faults systems in 3D

Complex multi-phase deformation – inversion tectonics and strike slip

Salt tectonics

8 July 2024




USD 3950 + VAT + IVA

Starts: 8 July 2024

Ends: 12 July 2024

40 Hours




USD 3950 + VAT

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