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The competency-based management model is a model through which the specific competencies for each job position are evaluated, and contemplates the development of additional competencies necessary for the personal and professional growth of employees.

The Competency Management model can be useful to: Prepare Job Descriptions, Identify Knowledge Gaps, Design the training plan to close gaps, Establish Career Plans focused and adapted to organizational needs, Leverage other processes such as development , remuneration and succession.

Competency management is a modern talent and human capital management tool, which is becoming increasingly relevant within corporate human resources organizations.

Competence models, among other advantages, allow:

  • Prepare Job Descriptions and hiring requirements
  • Identify the Knowledge Gaps of the members of a work team.
  • Design the training plan to close the gaps.
  • Establish Career Plans focused and adapted to organizational needs
  • Leverage other processes such as development, compensation and succession.
  • In addition to strengthening the strategic role of Human Resources in the company.

Our service includes a comprehensive diagnostic process that integrates the present and future needs of the company to develop a model that easily adjusts over time to changes in business dynamics.

These elements are integrated into a model that is synthesized in Skills and Knowledge Matrices, and Learning Maps. The model goes through several validation processes, before being used to detect knowledge gaps.

The gap detection process is carried out using instruments such as questionnaires and tests, to finally be completed with personalized interviews with each professional, carried out by one of our specialists in the corresponding discipline.

In summary, the process comprises ten steps:

  • 1. Analysis of the organizational structure.
  • 2. Identification of the mission, vision and strategic objectives of the company.
  • 3. Structured interviews with managers.
  • 4. Surveys of the company's technical staff.
  • 5. Identification of organizational macro processes.
  • 6. Job description analysis.
  • 7. Definition of skills and knowledge matrices
  • 8. Coding and creation of the H&C matrix database
  • 9. Design of learning maps.
  • 10. Design of personalized training plans

The skills and knowledge matrices are developed based on international standards (SPE and Others), but take on a particular character when considering the present and future scenarios of the company.

This Matrix Example is of 3 Levels but it can be extended up to 5 if the client requires it.

Integration with other Human Resources processes

Within the integrated management of Human Resources, competency-based management is presented as a great framework for action that encompasses the main personnel management processes and policies. Thus, it can be applied in the following areas:

  • Selection: we obtain the identification of ideal job profiles to achieve a better match between person and job.
  • Training and development: allows us to identify training needs, whether individual or group. With this we will be able to develop and improve the skills to successfully perform the functions of the required position.
  • Improves employee retention: Those who feel their leadership team is investing in them are more likely to stay in their work, keeping their skills and knowledge within the organization.
  • Productivity is improved with the ability to assess skills, identify skills an employee is lacking, and provide training necessary.
  • Problems and errors are reduced because of this improved training.
  • Knowing the skills necessary for the organization to grow will make it easier to find new employees.
  • Remuneration policy: similarly, the skills in this sense are a good frame of reference to set the variable salary in function of the performance carried out, taking into account the results obtained from a performance evaluation based on objective and measurable criteria.
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