Chemical EOR

Face-to Face Course

November 4 to 8, 2024

Duration : 5 days

Level : Basic

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Petroleum and reservoir engineers who are involved in studies to define chemical EOR projects, and who require a better understanding of the technology. The course is also useful for development managers who want a better understanding of current chemical EOR techniques, to be able to discuss these with their experienced staff and make more informed business decisions


This course presents the subsurface concepts of Chemical EOR and highlight some implications for the facilities.  The displacement characteristics and design criteria for a Chemical EOR project will be explained. This includes laboratory measurements, basic tools to predict the displacement and the impact of produced fluids. The main chemical EOR processes which will be discussed are low salinity waterflooding, polymer flooding, surfactant flooding and ASP flooding. Some of the main aspects of surface engineering will be highlighted, but this course does not discuss detailed aspects for separator design, material specification or facility lay-out solutions.


You will learn concepts of Chemical EOR, their application in mature fields and current innovations today.

Appreciate the strengths and weaknesses and how chemical EOR can be optimized through specific activities and actions.

Acquire an understanding of how chemical EOR techniques are applied in field develpment planning and project management aspects.

Course content includes:

  • Overview of EOR technologies, focusing on Chemical methods
  • Fundamental concepts of Low Salinity Flooding and its application window
  • Fundamental concepts of Polymer Flooding and its basic properties, forecasting using Buckley Leverett analysis and flooding strategies
  • Fundamental concepts of Chemical Flooding, discussing role of various chemicals, the desaturation aspects, optimum salinity concept and implementation strategies. Some key facility aspects will be highlighted.
  • Fundamental concepts of Alkaline Surfactant Polymer Flooding. The role of alkaline, laboratory measurements and field testing will be discussed.
  • Field cases and EOR management.

4 November 2024

Buenos Aires

Reservoir Engineering


USD 3350 + IVA

Starts: 4 November 2024

Ends: 8 November 2024

40 Hours

Buenos Aires

Reservoir Engineering


USD 3350

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