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Bauerberg Klein is a consulting firm specializing in training, consulting, and mentoring in the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production industry and other industries. Founded in 2005, it has quickly grown to become a global leader in technical training.

Our activity

In its early days, the company focused on meeting the needs of the major oil companies in the region. However, its rapid growth led it to expand its service offering to other industries, such as mining, energy, and petrochemicals.

Bauerberg Klein has conducted open courses in the main oil centers globally, where professionals from the most important Exploration and Production companies have participated. It also teaches customized courses designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our Clients

Our clients have trusted us since day one, and for us, our students are the most important thing. They have participated in our different training activities over two decades, and we are proud to contribute to improving their learning and career development.

Our Services

Bauerberg Klein offers a wide range of training, consulting, and mentoring services for the hydrocarbon industry. Its services include:

· Technical Training: Courses in all areas of the hydrocarbon industry, from exploration and production to transportation, storage, and refining.

· Competency Management: These elements are integrated into a model that is synthesized into Skill and Knowledge Matrices and Learning Maps. The model goes through several validation processes before being used to detect knowledge gaps.

· Technical Consulting: Assisting companies in implementing new technologies and processes.

· Managerial and Work Team Mentoring: Accompaniment of professionals for the development of their careers.

· BKNOWLEDGE On-Demand Course E-Learning Platform

New Services

In 2020, Bauerberg Klein added new training and consulting services in the following areas:

· Asset Management and Maintenance: Courses and consulting to improve the efficiency and reliability of assets.

· Operational Reliability and Mechanical Integrity: Courses and consulting for the prevention of failures and accidents.

· Hydrocarbon Spill Control: Courses and consulting for spill prevention and response.

· Energy Transition and Process Safety: Courses and consulting for the industry’s adaptation to the new challenges of the energy sector.

· Carbon Footprint Measurement.

Our Mission

Bauerberg Klein’s mission is to contribute to the development of the hydrocarbon industry globally through training and technical advice of excellence. The company is committed to providing its clients with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their business objectives, ensuring the safety and sustainability of their operations.

Our Instructors

Bauerberg Klein has a team of first-level instructors with extensive experience in the hydrocarbon industry. Its instructors include prestigious international professionals, such as Tarek Ahmed, Gabor Takacs, Octavian Catuneanu, Satider Chopra, Larry Lake, Byron Haynes, Ignacio Martínez, Marcelo Reyna, Carlos Alvarez, Richard Márquez, Peter Kowalchuk, Keith Holdaway, Kevin Gray, Howard Crumpton, and Rajan Chokshi, among others.

The experience and knowledge of its instructors are the key to Bauerberg Klein’s success. The company is committed to providing its clients with high-quality training delivered by the most outstanding professionals in the sector.

-Callida (Peru)
-Empresa Electrodinámica S.A.
-Ensi S.E
-Epsur S.A
-GDF Suez Peru

-Barrick Gold
-Cerro Vanguardia S.A.
-Medanito S.A.
-Minera Alumbrera LTD
-Minera Cerro Verde (Peru)
-Minera Triton

-Alto Paraná S.A.
-Andina YPFB
-Apache Energía
-Astra-Evangelista S.A.
-Baker Atlas
-Bj Services
-Capsa Capex
-Chañares Herrados
-Chaco – YPFB
-DLS Argentina Limited
-Enap Sipetrol
-Graña Y Montero Petrolera S. A.
-Lewis Energy Colombia Ltd.
-Lukoil Overseas Colombia Ltd.
-Mansarovar Energy Colombia Ltd
-Northoil Services SAC
-Pacific Rubiales Energy
-Panamerican Energy
-Petrolera Entre Lomas S.A.
-Petrominerales Colombia Limited
-Petroquímica Comodoro Rivadavia
-Pride International
-Repsol YPF
-Savia Peru S.A
-Schlumberger Argentina SA
-Total Austral
-UGA Seismic S.A
-Entre Lomas Oilfield

-PBB Polisur
-Petroquimica Cuyo
-Profertil S.A
-Solvay Indupa

-Cepas Argentinas

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