Technical consulting
Experience and technical solutions

We advise our clients in all their needs and areas of the industry.

With strong integrated capabilities and vast experience our specialists work hand in hand with your company to find the best technical solutions to meet your needs.
Our consulting services may also include the accompaniment, execution and/or training in those aspects or processes of interest to the client.
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Our Consulting Services

We offer a comprehensive approach to demanding problems. With specialists with extensive experience in different organizations and great academic background, we help solve the most complex technical challenges by providing strategies, in-depth analysis and solutions for one, some or all of the activities/phases corresponding to any process of the contracting company, through specific consultancies, integrated projects or workshops.
We offer “ad hoc” teams with all the necessary expertise to develop integrated solutions across the entire upstream value chain, ensuring from the optimal well location to the optimal construction and operation strategy that guarantees investment efficiency.

Petrophysical analysis, interpretation, processing, data collection and quality control.

Exploration and exploitation projects.

Elaboration, Valuation and Optimization of Exploratory and Exploitation Assets Portfolio.

Stratigraphy, conceptualization, evaluation, development and validation of models.

Sedimentology and operational geological monitoring (mud logging)

Structural geology and tectonics

Geological mapping

Development projects with VCD-FEL methodology

Well design and Drilling, Workover and Completion Programs

Technical certification and QAQC of engineering and drilling programs

Coiled tubing operations design

Chemical stimulation and fracturing

Operations follow-up and field support

Reserves: Calculation, validation and independent certification.

Development Plans. VCD Projects

Dynamic Simulation Models

EOR Design, evaluation, optimization

Integrated Well-Surface Productivity

Artificial lift, design, diagnosis, optimization and method changes.

Flow assurance, chemical stimulation and fracturing, production engineering and optimization.

Independent evaluation of technology solutions (Technology Assessment).

Integral diagnosis of maintenance processes

Management model to consolidate the maintenance organization

Maintenance organization manuals

Implementation of Reliability Models

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