Integrated Reservoir Analysis

Face-to Face Course

September 16 to 20, 2024

Duration : 5 days

Business context

‘Integrated Reservoir Analysis’ is a 5-day course that covers the practicalities of integrating geoscience and engineering into an economically sound Field Development Plan (FDP). The course emphasises a sound understanding of the input data (e.g. seismic, logs, well tests, cores, geological concepts, fluid analysis, modelling assumptions and techniques) as well as the workflows used by geoscientists and reservoir engineers to characterise and model subsurface reservoirs in support of a FDP. In this the full life-cycle of the hydrocarbon resource from discovery to abandonment is covered. By prior Client request either clastic or carbonate reservoirs may be emphasised in the course. In the practical exercises emphasis is on the tools and techniques that are used to build realistic models of the subsurface asset. Throughout the course it is highlighted how to handle the uncertainties in the input data that impact on the modelling results and how in turn these uncertainties propagate into the economics of the proposed Field Development Plan.

Who should attend

Geoscientists and petroleum engineers (reservoir engineers, petrophysicists & production technologists) about to be (or recently) assigned to a Subsurface Asset Team tasked with preparing a Field Development Plan [‘FDP’], as well as explorationists involved in planning and implementing an appraisal campaign to provide the necessary input data for an FDP.

Other staff members who regularly interface with such a Subsurface Asset Team will also benefit from attending this course (e.g. Drilling Engineers, Facility Engineers, Surveying Engineers, as well as senior supervisory staff without a technical background – e.g. Finance or Contracts managers).

Course content

By the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the overall workflow of characterising and modelling a subsurface asset from discovery to the implementation of the FDP
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of the various technical FDP contributors, in particular geoscientists and petroleum engineers, as well as the interfaces with other stakeholders
  • List at least five common key uncertainties that may significantly affect the technical and / or economic success of a Field Development Plan
  • Effectively evaluate the key technical and economic uncertainties of the FDP and communicate with senior management as well as with external stakeholders, the impact of these uncertainties on the success of the FDP

Learning, methods and tools

  • Lectures supported by paper-based and/or Excel-based exercises to re-inforce key learning messages. In addition workshop-style question-and-answer modules may be incorporated in the programme based on Client’s own data  sets &/or examples.[1]
  • Participants will receive a full set of the presentation & exercise materials in PDF format. Exercise materials will also be provided as either paper hand-outs or digitally as Excel files.

[1] NB a few short (say one to three of such workshop-style modules (of individually less than ½ hour expected duration) may be incorporatedad hoc in the programme if the data are made available to the instructor(s) in the morning of the first day of the course. For more substantial requests prior agreement as to technical scope and expected duration is necessary.

Day by day programme

Day 1

  • Morning      > Overview of reservoir characterisation for Field Development Planning
  • Afternoon   > Fundamentals of Subsurface mapping & map QC
                      [+ paper-based mapping exercises]

Day 2

  • Morning        > Structural regimes & subsurface stress systems
                        > Fundamentals of well-bore stability & ‘fracking’
                        [+ paper-based exercise ‘Well bore orientation vs Stress field orientation’]
  • Afternoon       > Reservoir heterogeneity – key to Reservoir Development

Day 3

  • Morning          > Reservoir heterogeneity – Saturation distribution
                         [+ paper & Excel-based exercise ‘Prediction of permeability in uncored well’]
  • Afternoon         > Fluid properties and PVT
                           > Wells and well testing
                          [+Excel-based exercises ‘Fluid properties’ + ‘Prediction of Well Productivity’]

 Day 4

  • Morning           > Volumetrics, Handling Uncertainties in Field Development,    scenario methods
                          [+paper & Excel-based exercise ‘Handling uncertainty]
                          [&/or optional time slot for review and discussion of participants’ own data sets]
                           > Drive mechanisms and displacement
  • Afternoon         > Simulation model setup [Case studies]

 Day 5

  • Morning             > Producing wells and mature fields
                             > Economic evaluation
                             > Field case studies
                             [+paper & Excel-based exercise – Field development planning’ + ‘Economic evaluation of the FDP’]
  • Afternoon            > Finalisation of’Field development planning’ + ‘Economic evaluation of the FDP’ exercises
                              > Course close-out

16 September 2024

Buenos Aires



USD 3250 + IVA

Starts: 16 September 2024

Ends: 20 September 2024

40 Hours

Buenos Aires



USD 3250

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