Face-to Face Course

Noviembre 25 to 28, 2024

Duration : 4 days


The course is an overview of the fundamental concepts of waterflooding:  pressure maintenance and displacement.  We will discuss the importance of petrophysical properties, geology, fractional flow theory and analytical models of sweep efficiency.  Behavior and results of several field cases will be reviewed.   Students should bring a laptop computer to class that has an installed version of Excel.

The course will be for geoscientists that have quantitative skills and have at least a B.S. degree.


Lake, Larry W., Russell T. Johns, William R. Rossen and Gary A. Pope, Fundamentals of Enhanced Oil Recovery, 2014, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Additional Reading

Warner, H. J., Jr., The Reservoir Engineering Aspects of Waterflooding, 2nd ed., 2015, Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Daily Schedule

Day 1.   Introduction and pressure maintenance

                ½ hour  The goals of reservoir engineering (the 3 H’s)

                ½                            Overview of WF (Denver Unit, Seminole, Salt Creek and others)

1             Review of primary recovery

Part I.  Pressure maintenance

                1                             Productivity equation

                1                             Injectivity equation

½                            Constant injection rate

½                            Constant bottom hole pressure

¾            Exercise:   Calculating filtration requirements

1             Exercise:   Calculating volumes for pressure maintenance

                1                             Some special cases

                ¾                            Capacitance resistance model (Chuido)

                ½                            No production cases

Part II.  Displacements

Day 2.   Linear displacements

½ hr.                      Review

1             Overview and general character

1                                             Local effects (core scale)

                1             Exercise:  Calculating fractional flow curves

                1                             Sweep efficiencies

                1                             Buckley-Leverett theory

                ½                            Welge integration

1                             Displacement efficiency

Day 3.  Volumetric sweep efficiency

                ½hr                        Review

1             Exercise:  Displacement efficiency on Walsh diagrams; converting to dimensional time

½                            Brief summary of geology

1                             Review of heterogeneity and its measures

1              Exercise:   Heterogeneity measures

2                             Analytic methods for volumetric sweep

1             Exercise:   Calculating volumetric sweep efficiency

Day 4.  Combining pressure maintenance and displacement

                ½ hr                       Review

                1 hr                        Combining sweep and pressure maintenance

1             Exercise:  Combined calculation of oil rate

1                             Comparisons to field results

½                           WF and economics

1                             Introduction to enhanced oil recovery

½                            Course evaluation

25 November 2024


Reservoir Engineering


USD 3350 + IVA

Starts: 25 November 2024

Ends: 28 November 2024

27 Hours


Reservoir Engineering


USD 3350

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