Felipe Rodríguez


A dedicated geoscientist with 22 years’ of experience in the Oil & Gas industry. A proven track record of discoveries and execution of projects at different scales from regional exploration to reservoir development worldwide. Excels in basin analysis, petroleum systems, basin modelling, geochemistry, play concept development, prospect risk assessment, field charge history and reservoir subsurface evaluation. Highly adaptable to different working environments with broad international experience in technical and management positions. Fluent Spanish, English and French, intermediate Russian. A people focused individual, who works collaboratively with stakeholders and teams. A problem solving approach, coupled with commercial awareness, creativity, attention to detail and a drive to achieve, ensures high quality delivery of business objectives.


BP Exploration (contract)   Petroleum Systems Analyst                                                    London     2023/2024

  • High resolution basin models in Nile Delta and Caspian Sea. Near field exploration and pressure prediction.

HALLIBURTON (contract)   Petroleum Systems and CO2 Storage Modeling                    London     2022/2023

  • Delivering leading-edge high resolution Petroleum Systems Modeling using lithology inversion seismic volumes and forward stratigraphic models for Petronas in Suriname in block 52 and 53 explaining the current oil and gas discoveries and identifying new undrilled prospects.
  • Instructor of Halliburton CO2 Storage modeling and Petroleum Systems training courses.

NAFTOGAZ             Head of Basin Analysis Department / Petroleum Systems Advisor   Kiev        2021/2022

  • Lead a team of 7 geoscientists to identify and de-risk new exploration opportunities in Ukraine. Developing regional products for conventional and unconventional. Implemented play based exploration, basin analysis, basin modelling, geochemistry, and Agile methodologies in the company.

BP Exploration

Senior Petroleum Systems Analyst, Exploration Technical Center                           London    2019/2020

  • 2 offshore gas discoveries and 2 blocks access. Made a high impact on the appraisal and development strategy by proposing innovative charge models and identifying opportunities through the integration of oil and gas geochemistry, pressures and high resolution seismic inversion 3D basin models. Petromod basin modeling software champion in BP and instructor of the BP Petroleum Systems course.

Senior Petroleum Systems Analyst, Russia Exploration                                             Moscow   2016/2019

  • Participated in the discovery of the 15.5 TCF GIIP Zinichev field and in a deepening 1bboe oil/gas discovery in Baikalovoskoye field. Created exploration opportunities in conventional and unconventional plays across Russia leading to multi BBOE access in 7 blocks (+20.000 square kilometres). Had a key role in identifying new play concepts and in influencing our partner Rosneft to explore them jointly. Hiring and coaching local staff. Fostered the relationships with Rosneft and shared technical knowhow.

Senior Petroleum Systems Analyst, Unconventionals Excellence                              London    2014/2015

  • Volga Urals Domanik carbonatic play evaluation resulting in joint interests in 2 blocks with Rosneft.

Senior Petroleum Systems Analyst, Eastern Hemisphere New Access                      London    2012/2013

  • Myanmar’s first offshore bibbing round integrating basin models and geochemistry leading to BP discoveries in Andaman Sea. Accessed blocks in NE Greenland and Barents Sea. Basin modelling Trinity software champion in BP.


Head of Petroleum Systems Discipline                                                                      Madrid    2010/2012

  • Designed and implemented Petroleum Systems best practices in the company through coaching, software acquisition and R&D contracts with service companies and consultants. Expert advice to exploration and reservoir development projects in Colombia, Peru, Algeria and North Brazil.


Senior Petroleum Systems Analyst, G&G Specialists Team                                      Madrid     2008/2010                  

  • 3D regional petroleum system model of Guyana, French Guyana and Suriname
  • Supported exploration projects in Cuba, Angola and Algeria.

Regional Petroleum Systems Analyst, Argentina Onshore Exploration                     Neuquen 2002/2008                          

  • Conventional exploration projects in Neuquen Basin and unconventional Vaca Muerta shale oil play.
  • Modeled tight gas and structurally complex areas; researched on igneous intrusions plays; seal, pressure and charge prediction, multivariate geochemical data analysis, post-drill and risk analysis.
  • Organized internal workshops, lead research projects, designed oil repository, planned field campaigns.

SHELL  Geochemist: internship in geochemistry of gases in the GoM                                  New Orleans    2001             

Geological and Mining Institute of Spain Research assistant: soils geochemistry                        Madrid         1998/99      


  • MSc in Petroleum Exploration-Geology and Engineer degree, IFP School                Paris            2000/01
  • Diplôme d’études Supérieures Universitaires, Université Paul Sabatier                     Toulouse     1999/00

Research in Remote Sensing, GIS and environment. Very honourable mention

  • MSc in Chemical Sciences-Geochemistry. Universidad Autónoma                            Madrid        1993/99


  • Applying basin modelling to CO2 storage challenges: Insights to plume migration controls and storage site feasibility. 2023. F. Rodriguez Monreal , K. Evans , F. Bebb , S. Baines , H. Smith. EAGE
  • Predicting fluid phase in a complex setting, Yenisei Khatanga Basin, West Siberia, Russia: is there a big oil prize in this under-explored basin? 2017. Rodriguez Monreal, F., Kolosova, Y., Volk, H, Winterbourne, J. AAPG.
  • New Combination of Geochemical Oil Allocation and Multielement Water Analysis for Production Layer Allocation in Caracara Oil Field (Llanos Basin, Colombia). 2011. Cubillos, H., Franco, M.J.; Rodriguez, F. Pinto, C., Gonzalez, O. Alaminos, A., XIV Congreso Colombiano de Petróleo y Gas. ACIPET.
  • Modeling of the Petroleum System in Reggane Basin, Algeria. 2010. Monreal, F. R., Eid, A., Afrazmanec, R. EAGE.
  • Modeling an atypical petroleum system: A case study of hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation related to igneous intrusions in the Neuquen Basin, Argentina. 2009. Monreal, F. R., Villar, H.J., Baudino, R., Delpino, D., Zencich, S. Marine and Petroleum Geology 26. Special issue on Basin Modeling, 2007 Herberg Conference.
  • The Characterization of CO2 Origins in the Neuquen. Basin (Argentina): Mantle Fluids Influence for Oil Maturity and Gas Composition. 2009. Prinzhofer, A., Rodríguez, F., Fasola, M., Galliano, G. AAPG.
  • Overpressured gas systems modeling in the Neuquen Basin center. 2008. Rodríguez, F., G. Olea, D. Delpino, R. Baudino, M. Suarez. AAPG.
  • Principal component analysis (PCA) and geographic information systems (GIS): an interactive methodology. 2004. Rodríguez F., S. Zencich, R. Calegari. Abstracts of the IX Congress of ALAGO
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