Kevin Gray

Kevin can offer the experience of over 5000 days of operational experience gained at rig sites and operations support positions from an oilfield career of over 28 years:  As well as working as lead trainer for a multi award winning ERD engineering team based in Perth Scotland.

Kevin Has been consistently the highest rated drilling training instructor in a major Multinational training company over the last six years and throughout his offshore career was repeatedly graded in top 5% within both offshore and onshore positions for a the largest oilfield service company.

Kevin has designed and overseen the delivery of multi week training programs for offshore drilling, well intervention and fluid supervisors for a number of clients. This has included competency assessment and skills gap analysis throughout the programs.

Kevin is also able to draw on his well documented teaching skills to deliver courses or programs in directional drilling and surveying, stuck pipe,  extended reach drilling and  various other drilling related subject areas.

He wrote the first Operation support centre SOP for directional drilling which was later adopted globally in addition he has designed and delivered various ‘Real Time Centre’ training courses including human dynamics training.

In his former role as directional drilling coordinator, based in Aberdeen he still holds a number of world records for drilling achievements with motor and RSS tools.

In his earlier career he led an offshore team that developed the first multi axis drill vibration measurement tool to report measurements in real time, and subsequently wrote the core documentation on vibration control for D&M.

Later he was responsible for the introduction and field testing of Powerdrive RSS tools and had considerable input into their re-design as the X5 variant. Have led many teams into both new fields and mature field redevelopment.

Outside the industry he enjoys skiing and exploring, taking these two activities to the extreme in 2015 when he skied to the south pole dragging a sledge behind him.

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