Satinder Chopra

Satinder Chopra is the founder and President of SamiGeo Consulting Ltd., based in Calgary. He has 38 years of experience as a geophysicist specializing in processing, special processing, interactive interpretation of seismic data and reservoir characterization. His earlier stints were at ONGC, Dehradun, India, CTC-Pulsonic, Calgary, and Arcis/TGS, Calgary, Canada.
He has been the 2010/11 CSEG Distinguished Lecturer, the 2011/12 AAPG/SEG Distinguished Lecturer, and the 2014/15 EAGE e- Distinguished Lecturer. 
He has published eight books (5 of them on some aspect of geophysics), working on the ninth one, and has written/published more than 500 papers and abstracts. He has excellent communication skills, as evidenced by the many presentations and talks delivered, as well as books, reports, and papers he has written. His work and presentations have won several awards from international professional societies, including the best poster and best oral presentation awards. The more recent prestigious honor for him is the 2021 Roy O. Lindseth CSEG Medal which was given in recognition of lifelong contributions made to exploration geophysics by a member of the profession in Canada.

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