Douglas Paton

Douglas Paton is a Senior Professional Geoscientist with a strong focus on providing world-class Geoscience training. With over 20 years of experience, he has specialized in developing and delivering bespoke training programs tailored to the needs of companies in the hydrocarbon industry. His expertise lies in Structural Geology and Applied Tectonics, particularly in fault analysis and advanced fault concepts.

Paton’s career highlights include:

  • Designing and delivering Geoscience training courses internationally, including an award-winning hydrocarbon company training program.
  • Leading a team of researchers and PhDs, showcasing strong leadership and mentoring skills.
  • Managing complex industry training programs, such as the Aramco training program that involved regular travel between the UK, Houston, and Saudi Arabia over two years.
  • Founding TectonKnow, a company specializing in Basin Analysis and Structural geology concepts, offering industry short courses and consultancy services to clients like Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, BP, and others.
  • Serving as Chair in Structural Geology and Basin Analysis at the University of Leeds, where he expanded and diversified the MSc program, established industry partnerships, and directed bespoke MSc programs for Saudi Aramco.
  • Conducting extensive research funded by multinational energy companies, contributing significantly to the understanding of sedimentary basins and structural geology.

Overall, Douglas Paton’s career showcases a strong commitment to advancing Geoscience knowledge through training, research, and industry collaboration on a global scale.

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