Henry Posamentier


B.Sc.    1970-Geology, City College of New York
M.A.     1973-Geology, Syracuse University
Ph.D.    1975-Geology, Syracuse University                                                                                    


Geological and geophysical consultant                       
Worldwide consultant to petroleum exploration and development companies. Depositional settings worldwide range from fluvial to shallow marine to deep marine, and from clastics to carbonates. Activities include consulting, mentoring/teaching, short courses (sequence stratigraphy, seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology). Companies consulted for: Chevron worldwide, Woodside Petroleum, OMV, Shell , Petronas, YPF, Cairn Energy, African Petroleum, Suncor, and Maersk Petroleum.

Sr. Advisor
Chevron Energy Technology Company – Global advisor to New Ventures Group;  Responsible for technical excellence in integrated geology and geophysics (seismic stratigraphy and seismic geomorphology) within Chevron and liaison with external geological organizations (Academia, Industry, Government).

Sr. Consultant Geologist
Chevron Energy Technology Company – Global advisor to New Ventures Group; Responsible for technical excellence in integrated geology and geophysics within Chevron and liaison with external geological organizations (Academia, Industry, Government).

Distinguished Advisor
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation – Highest technical position within the company.  Responsible for technical excellence in geology throughout the corporation and liaison with external geological activities (Academia, Industry, Government).

Chief Geologist
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation – reporting to the executive vice president of APC. Responsible for technical excellence in geology throughout the corporation.

General Manager of Geoscience and Technology
Anadarko Canada Corporation – General Manager of Geoscience Technology for Anadarko Canada reporting to the president of ACC. Managers of geology, geophysics, and petrophysics comprise my direct reports.

Manager of Geology
Anadarko Canada Corporation – Charged with managing and enhancing geological technical excellence for exploration and production staff.

Senior Technology Advisor
Veritas exploration Services Inc. – Applied research involving the extraction of stratigraphic insights using 3D seismic data.  Specialization in deep-water depositional systems.  Conducted seismic visualization as well as applied sequence stratigraphy workshops.

Senior Exploration Advisor
ARCO Indonesia Inc. – Exploration using Clastic Facies, 3D Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy. Mapped the prolific Talang Akar and Upper Cibulakan formations in offshore northwest Java, and the Mesozoic and Tertiary sections in eastern Indonesia.  As a result, most recently I identified two new play types that are currently the focus of our exploration effort in this basin.  Follow-up prospects have been generated and will be tested later this year or early next to evaluate these play types.

Participated in the evaluation of several farm-in opportunities on behalf of ARCO Indonesia; mentored junior and senior geologists and geophysicists. Participated in technical workshops on ARCO interests offshore Malaysia, offshore West Africa, the Black Sea, Far East Russia (Sakhalin), the Philippines, the Alaska North Slope, and the East China Sea. Worked extensively with 3D seismic and borehole data to develop techniques and principles for extracting stratigraphic/depositional systems information.

Research and Senior Exploration Advisor
ARCO Exploration and Production Technology – Exploration employing Sequence Stratigraphy, Seismic Stratigraphy and Clastic Facies; helped establish an exploration program on Sakhalin Island with a well to be drilled next year; proposed a depositional model that has been incorporated into a development scheme for ARCO’s Alaskan North Slope Alpine Field (300 MMBO recoverable); proposed a depositional model to optimize the development drilling of ARCO’s Alaskan North Slope Tabasco Field. Participated in numerous workshops both in the USA as well as internationally and mentored junior and senior geologists and geophysicists.  

Technical Excellence Group – Esso Resources Canada Ltd. Exploration and field development using sequence and seismic stratigraphy in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin; Viking and Cardium formations as well as other intervals. Numerous successful wells were drilled. The application of detailed sequence stratigraphic concepts at the field level led to the identification of previously overlooked, independently pressured oil zones that were subsequently exploited and produced. Mentoring junior and senior geologists and geophysicists.

Group Leader and Research Specialist- Clastic Facies Seismic Stratigraphy – Exxon Production Research Company, Houston. With others, developed the exploration concepts and ideas that led to the introduction of sequence stratigraphy as an exploration and production tool.

Senior Research Geologist – Exxon Production Research Company – Exploration using seismic stratigraphy. Worked closely with Dr. Peter Vail, whose pioneering geophysics led to the widely accepted concepts of seismic stratigraphy.

Assistant Professor – Geology, Department of Geosciences, Rider College, NJ – Taught introductory geology, geomorphology, glacial geology, conservation of natural resources, photogeology, stratigraphy and sedimentation.                                                                                             


I have published widely in siliciclastic sequence stratigraphy ranging from development of the basic concepts to application of this approach, from continental to deep-sea environments.  More recently I have been involved in the development of the discipline of seismic geomorphology and in particular its application to petroleum exploration and development.  My current research involves the integration of seismic and sequence stratigraphy, and seismic geomorphology for the development of geologic models and the prediction of the presence of reservoir, source, and seal facies using 3D seismic data.  In addition to teaching courses in sequence stratigraphy and general clastic depositional systems ranging from deep-marine to fluvial, I have also been active in teaching courses in 3D seismic visualization.                                                                                              


2014                 Winchell Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Earth
                        Sciences at Syracuse University
2012                 Robert Berg Award for Outstanding Petroleum Research (AAPG)
2010                 William Smith Medal for contributions to applied and economic aspects of geology (Royal Geological Society, London)
2009                 A.I. Levorsen Memorial Award for Best Paper at the Pacific Section, AAPG
2008                 SEPM Pettijohn Medal for Excellence in Sedimentology
2007                 Best Luncheon presentation – CSEG 2006
2006                 AAPG Distinguished Lecturer to Europe
2004                 Link award for best CSPG Luncheon presentation
2001                 Matson Award for best paper, AAPG Annual Meeting (Denver)
2000                 Best Oral Presentation SEPM/AAPG Annual Meeting (New Orleans)
1998-1999         AAPG International Distinguished Lecturer to the Middle East
1997                 Elected Councilor for Sedimentology, SEPM
1996-1997         AAPG International Distinguished Lecturer to the Former Soviet Union

  1. Elected to Russian Academy of Natural Science

1996                 Elected to International Academy (Russia) of Science and Nature and Society
1992-1993         AAPG Distinguished Lecturer (USA)
1990                 Best Oral Presentation, Energy and Minerals Division, AAPG Annual Convention (San Francisco)
1990                 Honorable mention award for Best Poster Presentation at AAPG Annual Convention (San Francisco)
1971-1972         Fulbright-Hays Fellowship to Austria                                                                                                                                                                                            He has several publications, books edited, many  courses taught and conferences organized.

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