Wim Swinkels

Wim Swinkels is an independent Reservoir Engineering Consultant, providing project consultancy, quality assurance and reservoir engineering  training for major oil companies, governments, engineering firms and other global customers. 

Before he retired from Shell in 2012, Wim Swinkels held positions as Senior Reserves Consultant for the Middle East and Reservoir Engineering Discipline Lead. He is a seasoned Petroleum Engineering professional, with global experience in Shell companies and joint ventures (NAM, SSB, SCL, PDO, SKDBV). His technical expertise is in reserves and resource management, reservoir engineering quality assurance, and staff development, as well as carbonate reservoirs,  modelling and reservoir simulation. Wim has a passion for training and is an excellent teacher who speaks from a vast experience in many different geological environments and reservoir settings. Wim is a contributing author of the 2011 industry “Guidelines  for Application of the Petroleum Resources Management System”. He holds an MSc in applied Mathematics from the University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

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